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Breast Augmentation

It is the second most frequently performed surgery in our office.


Increase breast size, improve the projection and contour of the breast and the areola – nipple, achieving a better tone, firmness and beauty of the mammary gland.

To obtain the desired and natural effect, only the latest generation implants, world-renowned brands, with a certificate of quality and originality guarantee are used.

Incision (scar):

Axillary, inframammary and periareolar. 

Personally, I recommend the last one (periareolar), since it generates a practically imperceptible scar and a central approach that facilitates symmetry and success in the result.

Implant Location:

It can be subglandular or submuscular, that is: between the glandular tissue and the pectoralis major muscle or between it and the rib cage respectively. The choice depends on several factors that the surgeon must take into account. A third position is the variation called subfascial, with very natural results, little inflammation and practically no postoperative pain.

Implant size:

It must be chosen by mutual agreement between the patient and the surgeon, but it is very important to take into account the height, chest structure and body of the patient.


General anesthesia.

Outpatient surgery.


Full knowledge of all the events and implications surrounding the surgery. Trust the surgeon. Discipline in the follow-up of post-surgical recommendations, normal laboratory tests and not having any infectious diseases.


12 days


After the surgery, the patient must wear a post-surgery bra even for sleeping, applying cold compresses, not smoking, or exposing yourself to sunlight for 4 months and not raising arms or carrying heavy objects during the first month.

Clinical cases:

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